Couple Counselling

Whether you have the odd tiff, full-blown arguments or you have simply stopped having fun – very few couple relationships exist conflict-free. When this (one of our most important relationships) begins to falter, our health and happiness often suffers.

We recognise just how important our relationships are to every area of our lives. Quality relationships can give individuals that secure place in which to explore the world, can help in feeling secure and building self-esteem and confidence. When these relationships are not secure or are under pressure or feeling stuck, then this begins to affect the rest of your life, work, confidence, friendships, health, all can be affected by the deterioration of a once secure relationship.

While for many of us our first instinct is to try and work through problems alone, it can be incredibly useful to seek outside help from someone who is not emotionally connected to you. Couple counselling can offer you this support.