• Affairs
  • Family Issues
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Loss
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Becoming Parents
  • Changing Life Stages
  • Communication Problems
  • Compulsive Sexual Behaviour
  • Porn Addiction
  • Sex Addiction
  • Partners of Individuals with a Sex Addiction

You may find it difficult to understand just what your problems are – you just know you feel awful and your life is not happy.

Talking to a professionally trained & experienced counsellor or therapist really does allow you to explore these difficult areas and, together, draw up a workable action plan.

There is no magic – as experienced professionals, we work really hard to understand your position and by searching for underlying patterns in your behaviour, we can offer an alternative perspective that will help you to develop a new understanding of your story – and of yourself. You can then make changes in your life that will make a real difference.

We can help you to work through this and help you to navigate positive changes so that you can see yourself in a better place, whether this be in your relationship or in your life in general. We have helped many individuals and couples through our work with Relate and in private practice. Please contact us to make an enquiry.