What is Email Therapy?

It’s an easy and flexible way to get expert support from a therapist by sending emails in your own time. You can write to your therapist about any issue that’s worrying you.

We understand that therapy face-to-face isn’t always convenient or geographically accessible. Email Therapy allows you to access an expert, trained therapist online through email.

They’ll help you to understand the difficulties you’re experiencing, give you support, and work with you to think about ways to change things. Thies type of therapy is known as asynchronous as there is a time lapse between you sending the email and getting a reply. If you prefer to have a conversation in real time through the written word, then it would be better to use our Live Chat service.

How does Email therapy work?

You will need to make payment in advance through the website ( link to Paypal). Once payment is received, you can create a word document to go with your email, outlining your problem. It helps to keep this account to about 750 words. Experience tells us that it takes a therapist an hour to respond to that length. If your initial document exceeds 750 words, we will contact you and ask whether you want to pay for additional time.
You can expect a therapeutic reply from your therapist within five working days. You can work with this medium for as long and as often as it is helpful to you.

Here are some things you may want to consider when writing your first email to us.
• Why are you seeking help now?
• When and ow did the difficulty start?
• Is anyone else affected by this problem?
• What have you tried up to now to resolve the problem?
• What would you like to gain from this therapy?

How much does it cost?
The fee for an hour’s session using email is the same as face to face therapy. Please see our fees page for details. 

Send your email to therapist@relationshipandsextherapy.co.uk Prepay for your email session, then once we have received your email and payment, we will reply within 4 working days (Mon-Friday). You will not receive a reply to your email until payment has been received.


Session payment

Contact us and make an enquiry here.