What is Instant message Counselling?

Instant Message counselling is an online counselling option,  it offers a way of accessing support when you find it difficult to speak face to face or when your preferred medium of communication is through type and text rather than face to face.
We understand that therapy face-to-face isn’t always convenient or geographically accessible. Sometimes anxiety or disabilities can make it difficult to communicate either face to face, or through telephone and webcam, and so live chat gives you the option of speaking with your counsellors and having a conversation in real time through text.

How does Instant Message Counselling work?

You can contact us either via email or through our contact page and we can arrange an appointment with you. Your appointment will be a 50 minute session through the platform zoom. Payment is required before your session and once you have made payment you will receive a link to follow at the time of our appointment. If you want to use a smart phone or tablet then you can download the zoom.us app.

The fee for an hour’s session using email is the same as face to face therapy. Please see our fees page for details.

What services are available through online therapy?

Relationship therapy
Individual therapy
We do not recommend this type of service for sex addiction, sex therapy or EMDR.

Contact us and make an enquiry here.